Trillium DDH Melcher Street Clone

I’ve always been a big Trillium fan. DDH Melcher may have been the first hazy IPA I really fell in love with. While it’s hard to say if this is a dead-on Melcher Street clone, it’s very close and has some really distinct Trillium/Melcher qualities thanks to the very heavy Mosiac dry hopping. Yes, the picture above is my beer. The color and body feel dead on. I’d still love to experiment more with matching Trillium’s water.

I used this recipe as a starting point and made some adjustments from there based on Trillium’s website. This recipe focuses on a 60-minute Columbus bittering charge followed by a modest 2-ounce Mosaic whirlpool. The remaining 10 ounces of hops (Mosiac/Columbus) are all added on the cold side post-fermentation.

From my own personal observations, Trillium’s beers have a pronounced upfront bitterness followed by a lot of aroma and saturated hop character. Their beers are on the drier side and tend to have a very crisp and almost minerally finish. This recipe features my largest dry hop experiment to date and it absolutely delivers. Trillium adds 90%+ of their hops to the cold side so I really tried to replicate that process as much as I could. Overall, really happy with the way this came out.

As a final note, some of you may notice the recipe is DDH but features a single charge. From all of my research, Trillium is believed to always dry hop at terminal gravity with a single charge. DDH just means a larger single charge.

Here’s a link to the recipe in Brewfather.



11 lb 8 oz (74.2%) – Briess Pale Ale Malt 2-Row 3.5 °L
3 lb (19.4%) – Briess Wheat White Malt 2.3 °L
12 oz (4.8%) – Dextrin Malt 1.7 °L
4 oz (1.6%) – Crystal 15L 11.6 °L

1 oz Columbus (Tomahawk) 14% – 60 min

30 min hopstand @ 175°F
30 min 175 °F – 2 oz – Mosaic – 12.25% (15 IBU)

Dry Hops
7 days – 2 oz – Columbus (Tomahawk) – 14%
7 days – 8 oz – Mosaic – 12.25%

2 packs Imperial Yeast Juice A38

Whirlfloc – 15 minutes

Water Profile

Ca2+ 119
Mg2+ 3
Na+ 33
Cl 195
SO42- 75
HCO3 58


Method: All-grain
Batch size: 5.5 gallons
Efficiency: 70%
OG: 1.074
FG: 1.017
ABV: 7.5%
IBU: 43
SRM: 6.9
Target Mash pH: 5.3 (adjust with lactic acid)
Mash Temp: 149°F – 60 minutes
Boil: 60 minutes
Fermentation Temp: 68°F


Day 1: Pitch yeast at 68°F and let rise to 72°F on day 2-3 for the remainder of fermentation. Should finish in 4-5 days. Per Imperial Yeast: Target 20-25 ppm dissolved oxygen or set the oxygen regulator flow to 50% higher than normal.

Day 6-7: Drop the temperature to 60°F and hold for 24 hours.

Day 7-8: Add dry hop charge, hold at 60°F at 7-10 PSI.

Day 14: Crash to 35°F for 48 hours. Proceed with packaging/cold conditioning for another week in the keg at serving temps. Should be prime drinking by day 20.

This recipe puts 5.5 gallons into the fermenter but honestly, the final yield may vary due to the heavy dry hopping. Expect a decent loss from this. Read this article here first for an in-depth overview of brewing NEIPAs.

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