Welcome! My name is Shawn and I’m the author behind Hazy and Hoppy. I’m a craft beer and homebrewing enthusiast who’s been brewing strong for the past 10 years. You’ll find me in Massachusetts (Yes, the heart and sole of the NEIPA), just a few miles outside of Boston with my wife Patty and daughter Gloria. I’m also the author and owner over at kitchenswagger.com—a food blog dedicated to craft cocktails and simple recipes. Delicious food and great beer are a match made in heaven and have always been a passion of mine.

Hazy and Hoppy is my latest venture focused on craft beer and the latest homebrewing trends. While I’m just getting started, this blog will focus on my personal homebrew journey and everything I’ve learned along the way. My hope is that this blog will be a knowledgebase and an inspiration to both beginner and intermediate homebrewers looking to experiment with new techniques and explore different equipment. You can follow along with the progress of my electric basement brewery here (one good thing to come from the pandemic).

Drop a line if you get a chance because I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Dude. Love your stuff. I am learning as I go and your articles are always great. Appreciate the effort.

  2. You’re definitely a value add in the beer community. Your articles answer all my questions without me having to ask! Keep them coming .

    I’m going to try you NEIPA recipe in 2 weeks.
    Can’t wait.


  3. You just started this? I wouldn’t have guess. Your work is focused on essential trick & tips without unnecessary filler and fluff. Keep it up! I’m subscribing!

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