DDH Juice Box Double NEIPA Recipe

This recipe pushes the boundaries of my typical NEIPAs. My goal was to create a big IPA with big mouthfeel, lots of tropical fruit, and a massive dry-hop charge. The result was exactly what I was looking for. Beautifully golden hazy with layers of deep fruity hop flavor. This is one of the first recipes where I re-employed an actual double dry hop (split into two separate charges).

The initial recipe did not account for such a massive charge, but after being underwhelmed with early samples, I decided to take a risk and throw an additional DH charge 48 hours before kegging. This final DH added a lot of unique character and true layers of flavor. I could taste the original beer, but could also detect the late LUPOMAX® charges. It added complexity I haven’t been able to achieve in my homebrew in a long time. Consider me a DDH convert.

This recipe utilizes Nelson Sauvin and the lesser-known HBC 586 variety. Both hops offer some spiciness that plays nicely with the fruitier hops. This really helps add some kick behind the softer citrusy notes.

Note: I intentionally omitted whirlfloc from this recipe.

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12 lb (56.5%) — Briess Pale Ale Malt 2-Row — 3.5 °L
4 lb (18.8%) — Briess Oats, Flaked — 1.6 °L
4 lb (18.8%) — Briess Wheat White Malt — 2.3 °L
1 lb (4.7%) — BestMalz Acidulated — 2.8 °L
4 oz (1.2%) — Proximity Malt Crystal 15L — 11.6 °L

3 oz (10 IBU) Motueka 7% — 30 min @ 185 °F

Dry Hops
5 oz — Motueka 7% — day 5
3 oz — Nelson Sauvin 13% — day 5
4.5 oz — Citra LUPOMAX 18% — day 8
0.5 oz — HBC 586 LUPOMAX 13% — day 8

2 packs SafAle™ S-04

Whirlfloc – 15 minutes

Water Profile
Cl 175
SO42- 75


Method: All-grain
Batch size: 6 gallons
Efficiency: 60%
FG: 1.017
ABV: 8.3%
SRM: 7
Target Mash pH: 5.2 (adjust with acid malt/lactic acid as needed)
Post Boil pH: 4.9 (adjust with lactic acid with 15 min remaining)
Mash Temp:
150°F – 60 minutes
Boil: 60 minutes
Fermentation Temp: 68-72°F


Day 1: Pitch yeast at 68°F and let free rise to 72°F on days 2-3 for the remainder of fermentation. Beer should finish in 4-5 days.

Day 4-5: Add dry hop charge #1, hold at 70-72°F at 10 PSI. Drop the hops out after 72 hours if you have a conical. The head pressure will help push the hops to the bottom of the cone. If you’re struggling to remove hops, you can crash down to 60°F before adding the final charge.

Day 8-9 Add dry hop charge #2. Be sure to place the conical under pressure once again if you don’t have the ability to add hops under existing pressure.

Day 10-11: Crash to 33°F for 48 hours. Proceed with packaging/cold conditioning for another week in the keg at serving temps. Should be prime drinking by days 18-21.

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